Console tables are small, sleek decorative tables utilized in modern homes for interior decor and functionality. These tables are made from various materials like wood, glass, metal, marble etc. But the original preferred and customary material is that the wooden console. The superb qualities of wood are timeless in appearance, appeal, and elegance. The best structures and artistry are often seen in the tables. From a natural wood finish to a darker brown or rich burnished finish, each piece is produced with care and patience by Indian craftsmen when it comes to Barclay Butera table.


The console is often placed anywhere within the room, and well polished wooden table becomes the focus of the space. It’ll enhance your personal space with grace and good living.

Adding style & interest

One of the foremost common areas where such a table is seen is that the entryway or hallway. It adds style and interest to the world. It gives a really welcoming effect to the guests coming into the house. This table at the entryway also can be used as a delegated spot to stay car keys, purses, letters, etc.

Using wooden console tables

Interior decorators like better to use the wooden console in any vacant wall space. Any portion of the wall up the front room or within the bedroom or guest room is often given a highlighting appearance with this table. The table is often wont to display family photographs. You’ll also use the table to stay a lampshade or a green pot or any decorative object. In modern homes, the table is placed behind the sofa. It gives a really elegant look because the table completes the design of the space. The dining room is the other area where the console is employed. The table is utilized to stay cutleries, is often used as a serving table or a sideboard. In small homes, the wooden table serves as an honest storage option. The table is unique in design and thereby occupies space, but with in-built drawers and shelves, it is often wont to store various objects. Some also use the console as an office desk if he has his office in his house.

Shapes & Sizes

The wooden console is out there in various sizes and shapes. The elliptical tabletop is ubiquitous, so also the half-moon shaped table top. The wooden table has curved and flowery patterns within the legs, which make them look very royal. The sleek, straight shapes also are available for contemporary homes. With numerous designs and finish options, you’ll find a table about your taste and your room’s decor. Today, a console is indeed an essential home decor and utility item.